Choosing the right teaching materials

Sourcing the right materials can be intimidating, but we've got you covered with this course. Join us to explore the best materials for different teaching scenarios and get tips for finding, evaluating, and adapting materials for each student.

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This FREE course is in English but it can be translated to any language!

What's this course about?

  • The difference between coursebooks and exercise books

  • Presenting or practising language?

  • Learning materials vs. authentic materials

  • Teaching tools vs. games

  • Critical thinking skills

  • Evaluating materials

The speaker

Tutor Development Lead

Alice C

Originally from Italy, Alice is an English language teacher, trainer and coursebook writer. She has a BA and an MA in TEFL/TESOL as well as a CELTA and a DELTA, and she is passionate about everything related to language learning and teaching. She specialises in teaching exam preparation, as well as working professionals and general English to adults.

Tutor Development Manager

Anita D

Anita has worked as an English teacher, Cambridge teacher trainer (on CELTA and other courses), materials writer and examiner for about 10 years now. She does regular teacher training sessions and conference workshops both for novice and experienced teachers. She is passionate about promoting learner autonomy and the judicious use of technology to facilitate language learning.